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We have the great pleasure & hope to get introduced with ur reputed company world wide for a ling time. We are the bonafide Ship Spear Parts Supplier word wide for a long time having Mini Engineer & technician for fitting and shaping the vessel Parts Accurately for which we have succeeded in Supplying Amy kinds of vessel need???s.

We have the most experienced and skilled official staff for complying the Owner???s & Vessel need. Some times we can supply on credit basis, When our business relation ship has been clinched. We are allows remember the vessel in coming & out going time to sail the vessel smoothly. We are earning the reputation from the ship Owners in supplying the various items to protected the owners interest. Our all staff & officers always alert when vessel at Chittagong outer anchorage or at Berth. In connection with the above, this is to inform your honor that, the following stock at the scrap yards of Chittagong Port are available :-


  • Main Engine Spare Parts.
  • Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts.
  • Oil Purifier
  • Air Compressor
  • Various Pump
  • Gate Valve
  • Safety Equipments
  • Navigational Equipments
  • Deck Equipments
  • Deck Stores
  • Engine Stores
  • Saloon & Cabin Stores
  • Anchor Chain, Life Raft & Propeller

when this kinds of ships equipments /spare parts to be needed then do not forget us. God grant you happy life. View foregoing, we would request ur good owner to kindly give us some business from ur good company for which we shall ever grate full to your Honor & your company.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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