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The captioned subject, this is to inform your good honor that we have a separate section who are trained from some master mariners for vsl safety on various jobs & supply of the vsl. We can ensure 100% guarantee on any jobs taking all liabilities. We handle the following jobs smoothly & safely at the cheapest cost which are as follows.

  • Safety Equipment Services & Supply
  • Life Raft supply & Servicing all kinds
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing & supply
  • Radio Safety Equipments Servicing & supply.
  • Engine Room cleaning, Tank cleaning, Squeezing

Sea water cleaning, Fresh water tank cleaning, Fuel tank cleaning, any computer servicing & parts supply, Sludge, Sediment Cleaning & Discharging, Garbage Disposal.

  • Rewinding AC/DC
  • Heavy & Light repairing jobs, Chipping & Painting.
  • Fresh Provisions supply.
  • Rudder Servicing & Supply.
  • Bunker Supply
  • Salvage Works
  • Computer & Its all parts supply.
  • Protective Agents
  • Unit or Gases

We are seeking some business from your good self. We have the mini engineer for doing these jobs. Pleases open a file for us for your future reference. View foregoing, we would request your good owner to kindly give us some business from your good company for which we shall ever grate full to your Honor & your company.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

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